No more closed doors when it comes to database archiving.

Your databases are getting slower and slower, storage costs are constantly rising and you are investing in ever more powerful hardware to cope with the flood of data. What would you say if there was a solution that made it easier and more effective: Replacing your old systems.

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Four steps to your goal

  1. Identification

    Which data & tables have to be archived?

  2. Archiving

    Identified data is archived in compressed form via (automated) processes

  3. Reduction

    (Automated) deletion of archived data from the source database

  4. Deletion

    (Automated) deletion of CHRONOS archives after the retention period has expired

  • Better Performance

    Archiving significantly reduces the number of active production databases, which results in a considerable improvement in performance and storage space requirements.

  • Long-Term Access

    Access important information at any time and store valuable data in a long-term, audit-proof and reliable manner.

  • Securing Product Liability

    Ideal compliance with internal company regulations and fulfilment of the requirements of the EU Product Liability Directive.

  • Ideal Protection

    With CHRONOS you have the best possible protection against unwanted access.

  • Independence

    Due to independence from database and storage manufacturers as well as CSP, you enjoy maximum flexibility.

  • Application Retirement

    Archive not only individual applications, but also entire old systems cost-effectively.

  • Return on Investment

    Return on investment (ROI) is already achieved after just a few months.

  • Cost Saving

    Lower operating costs, including storage, personnel and licensing costs, enable you to significantly reduce your expenses.

Database Archiving with CHRONOS

CHRONOS identifies inactive data according to configurable rules and converts it into an open, long-term secure format. This data is archived on outsourced storage systems, making your productive databases leaner and improving overall performance. The archived information is stored in an audit-proof and compressed format and is still accessible even after decades.

Through Application Retirement, entire old systems can also be archived cost-effectively, allowing them to be switched off, and through the integration of QS-Torque and IPM, joint evaluations of quality and process data are possible as well.

  • The lifecycle of an application is between three and 10 years, but company data must often be kept for up to 30 years for legal reasons. If old systems are not shut down - for example in the case of fusions or insolvencies - unnecessary costs are incurred. Often, inactive data is also migrated to new databases - which instantly makes them less powerful and more complex from the very start. In addition, experts for maintenance and support of older technologies are continuously harder to find. In extreme cases, you have to take care of the administration of your old applications yourself. But what to do when problems arise?

  • In addition to continuous archiving, CHRONOS can also replace complete systems. As a first step, the necessary evaluations have to be defined with the responsible departments. Afterwards, project-specific archiving is usually carried out once and complete archiving then to ensure that no relevant data is forgotten. Subsequently, the previously defined evaluations are then created and made available in our web application Archive Explorer. Finally, after implementation, the corresponding old system can be switched off.

  • In addition to reading out data directly from the database, CHRONOS also offers the option of archiving from CSV derivations. CHRONOS can interpret each CSV extract as a single table and therefore also generate comprehensive evaluations. In addition, documents can also be archived and equipped with metadata.

    • Access to archive data with SQL statements (SQL-92)
    • Customer-defined evaluations in the CHRONOS Archive Explorer
    • Direct implementation options via a CHRONOS JDBC driver
    • Support for IDEA export formats for finance & customs administration
    • FlatFiles archiving
    • GDPR-compliant archiving
    • Indexing for optimal search speed
    • (Re-)import of archived data into any database
    • User management system with LDAP, OIDC & SSO features
    • Support for monitoring systems & e-mail notifications
    • Configurable update/delete processes
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