A broad customer base with roots in the automotive industry.

CSP's software solutions are used worldwide and assist businesses in a variety of ways. We support our customers from various locations and offer them personal or remote support in the areas of consulting, installation, training, support and maintenance. With our extensive expertise, we are able to cover a wide range of specialist areas. With our roots in the automotive industry, we have learned from the best and most demanding customer requirements and perfected our products accordingly. Today, we are proud to serve other industries that demand the highest standards of quality in their manufacturing.

    • Automotive & Commercial Vehicles

      From production planning to quality control, we support automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers in ensuring efficient and high-quality processes.

    • Aerospace

      From production to maintenance, we assist companies in delivering high-quality products and ensuring safety and efficiency in this demanding industry.

    • Mechanical Engineering

      Our software solutions support companies in the design, production and monitoring of machines and plants.

    • Medical Technology

      We offer customised solutions for product development as well as production and quality assurance of medical devices and instruments.

    • Battery Delivery

      Our software solutions support battery manufacturers in production, monitoring and quality control to ensure battery performance and reliability.

    • Renewable Energies

      With our software, we support companies in the production, monitoring and optimisation of energy production installations such as wind power and solar power plants.