Screws, tools and automation: CSP presents innovative solutions at Schraubtec SÜD in Sindelfingen, Germany

  • On April 26, the Schraubtec trade fair was held for the second time in Sindelfingen, offering visitors an insight into the world of bolted connections and bolting technology. In the Stadthalle, around 650 participants learned about the latest products from 66 exhibiting companies – almost doubling on both sides compared to the previous year.

    The show presented a wide range of bolts and nuts, including locking and tolerance compensation, for industrial, automotive and hygiene applications. Visitors were also able to get a comprehensive picture of screwdriving tools, from manual and stationary screwdrivers to screwdriving systems and screwdriving robots. Furthermore, screwdriving and tool management solutions were presented.

    CSP was represented at the fair and proudly presented its products. A special highlight was the IPM PG factory tour, which offered insights into the latest developments in the field of automation. Visitors were able to experience directly connected tools in action and check their performance with the help of artificial intelligence.