Eduard Spachtholz strengthens educational initiatives as a member of the advisory board of the Deggendorf district's IT school support association

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In a recent interview, Eduard shared insights into the importance of the Förderverein and its mission. He emphasized how important it is, especially when public funding is insufficient, to get support from the private sector for educational initiatives. Through membership dues from private businesses, the Friends raise funds for important educational improvements, such as new equipment, exciting events and even amenities that positively impact the learning environment.
As an advisory board, Eduard is tasked with attending meetings and making decisions on unforeseen needs and initiatives. With a diverse team consisting of six advisory boards, board members, student representatives and the school management, the Förderverein ensures that educational support is approached holistically.
In addition, our collaboration with the IT school goes beyond the support association.
We currently have a number of interns from the EDP School in our company, which fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between education and industry.
Eduard's commitment to educational excellence and community support is commendable, and we are incredibly proud to have him represent us on the booster club. It is an honor to have his passion and expertise in this important area.
The link between educational institutions and industry is vital in preparing young talent for the demands of the modern workplace. Eduard's participation in this initiative is a step in the right direction to strengthen this link and improve the education sector.
We would like to congratulate Eduard on his new commitment and look forward to working together in the Deggendorf District IT Schools Support Association. Together we can make a positive difference and drive the future of our community through education.