Safety vest campaign for kindergarten children

Together for safety: high-visibility vests donated to kindergartens in Großköllnbach and Pilsting

Inspired by Peter Gregor's exemplary commitment, we have equipped the kindergartens in Großköllnbach and Pilsting (St. Josef and Santa Maria) with high-visibility vests. The background to this important initiative can be found in this article: Link to article.

Without hesitation, our dedicated employees lent a hand and decorated the high-visibility vests with lovingly designed patches. The aim was clear: the children should not only appreciate these vests as a safety measure, but also as a personal accessory and enjoy wearing them in the darker months of the year.

"Safety in road traffic is of enormous importance, especially for the youngest children. By combining functionality and appealing design, we want to help ensure that children enjoy wearing their high-visibility vests and are therefore protected in the best possible way," emphasizes our Managing Director Korbinian Hermann.

However, this generous gesture extends far beyond the two kindergartens. Further high-visibility vests are already planned for the Haus der kleinen Frösche and for the first class at Pilsting elementary school. Together, we are sending a strong signal for responsibility and safety in our community.