QMS matters - long-term archiving in medical technology

Compliance made easy: KLS Martin Group relies on CHRONOS from CSP!

Our CHRONOS archiving solution is an innovative way of securing important data for the long term. In addition to protecting data, the software effortlessly fulfills legal requirements. In medical technology, the KLS Martin Group relies on CHRONOS to back up its application data. Mergers in recent years, including with companies such as KLS Martin Medical and Mondeal Medical Systems, have led to an enormous increase in the company's data volume. In order to guarantee the retention periods and audit compliance of this data, the group, which is active in almost all areas of surgery in the medical technology sector, uses CHRONOS to easily adhere to compliance regulations.

Wojciech Wypior, Head of Business Applications at the KLS Martin Group, explained: "Previously, we had various systems in use and archiving did not play a major role. Due to the company restructuring, we needed to archive the data. This was solved with CHRONOS." Before the merger, various ELO systems were used to manage all business processes. Whatever long-term archived data is generated in the future will now be archived by CHRONOS. The use of CHRONOS not only enables standardization, but also saves additional software costs. Operating costs in particular are high due to the retention of data in the database, which can be minimized by archiving. This is an exciting development for the medical technology industry that shows how innovative solutions such as CHRONOS from CSP help companies to manage their data securely and adhere to compliance regulations.


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