pg in a new light

Rebranding for our worker guidance PG

Now the software itself can appear in new splendor. We have worked hard to optimize the PG software in many ways to ensure that you experience an even more enjoyable and efficient user experience. These improvements span a wide range of features, from the user interface to performance.

What's new?

  • Improved surface

    We have not only made PG more modern, but also simpler and more user-friendly. Immerse yourself in the new aesthetics that will make your work even more pleasant, especially the work of your workers.

  • Search function in Explorer

    Our brand new search function in Explorer helps you find content faster and more efficiently, no matter what you're looking for. Experience the power of fast navigation.

  • New color scheme

    Our new color scheme brings freshness and modernity to PG. With a dominant white, PG radiates a lightness that takes your user experience to a whole new level.

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