Increase your productivity with our worklist extension!

Worklist expansion - the heart of efficient order processing.

In today's business world, it is critical that companies optimize their production processes to remain competitive. One solution that has proven itself and can help you improve your order fulfillment is our Worklist Extension. Whether you manufacture fans or other complex products, this extension gives you the perfect tool to efficiently plan and manage your worklist.

Insights into the Worklist Extension

Our worklist extension provides you with a structured and well thought-out solution for order processing. Especially for complex tasks with different routings, this extension shows its strengths and allows you to coordinate production processes in an optimal way.

Practical example: Production of fans

Imaine your company specializes in the production of fans and receives an order for 100 fans in different models. Without the right solution, planning and managing such an order could quickly become a tedious and error-prone proess.

This is where our worklist extension comes in. It allows you to organize the production of these fans in a highly efficient way and meet all requirements in a targeted manner.

How it works:

  1. Structured job planning: create jobs that include different work plans. Define clear goals for each job and set priorities.
  2. Targeted resource allocation: Assign resources such as machines, materials and employees to the appropriate work plans. In this way, you avoid bottlenecks and ensure that production runs smoothly.
  3. On-time delivery and quality: Thanks to efficient order processing, you can ensure that all orders are fulfilled on time and with the highest quality. This not only contributes to customer satisfaction, but also boosts confidence in your company.

Our worklist enhancement provides you with a powerful solution to optimize your order processing and increase your productivity. Whether producing fans or other complex products, this extension will enable you to make the best use of your resources and successfully complete your orders.

Invest in the future of your business and discover the benefits of the Worklist Expansion today! Contact our team for more information and to revolutionize your work process.

Efficiency, structure and reliability - stay one step ahead with our worklist extension!

  • All advantages at a glance:

    • Structured and efficient way to prepare and manage jobs in the store floor environment
    • Possibility to combine several routings in one order
    • Early planning and coordination of tasks
    • High flexibility in order processing by selecting from a provided list
    • Efficient and transparent handling of repetitive routings
    • Clear separation between job preparation and execution
    • Automatic removal of completed work plans from the order list
    • Separate starting point for the processing of orders enables a structured production process
    • Systematic and targeted processing of orders
    • Improved production processes and on-time fulfillment of orders
    • Professional and orderly processing of orders
    • Increase in the overall performance of the plant.


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