CSP Hackathon award ceremony 2023

A few months ago, we kicked off our internal CSP hackathon. Participants were free to choose their projects as a team or as individuals. Interestingly, all participants were involved in aspects of CSP, except for one outlier.

A few weeks ago, all participants presented their projects, and it was impressive to see the creative ideas and innovations that emerged. This was followed by an internal vote in which colleagues cast their votes in three different categories:

  • Which project is your personal favorite?
  • Which project do you think is the best, most ingenious or most imaginative idea?
  • Which project do you think has the greatest potential for CSP?

We also introduced a special category in which there was only one winner: the bonus prize. This was awarded as soon as CSP was able to market a project or project idea directly or indirectly.
The excitement reached its peak this week: the winners were officially announced and each received an Amazon voucher and a pizza round for all participants.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants once again for their commitment and creativity and congratulate the winners on their success! This event not only led to innovative ideas, but also strengthened teamwork and cohesion within our group. We look forward to more such inspiring events in the future.