CSP Cup 2024

CSP Cup in Pilsting: A day full of soccer enthusiasm and exciting competitions

At the end of January, the gymnasium in Pilsting experienced a rousing day of soccer when the CSP Cup was organized by SV Großköllnbach. In our review, we not only want to show you the highlights of the F2 and F1 youth tournaments, but also the exciting conclusion of the day with the D-juniors and the men's teams.

F2 youth starts the day: Mamming takes the first win

The F2 juniors kicked off the tournament at 10 am. The teams, including hosts SV Großköllnbach, TSV Mamming, TSV Pilsting and FC Harburg, battled for the coveted CSP Cup in intense ten-minute matches. In the end, TSV Mamming emerged as the deserving winners.

  1. TSV Mamming 10:0
  2. TSV Pilsting 5:3
  3. FC Harburg 3:5
  4. SV Großköllnbach 0:10

F1 youth delivers a thrilling competition with Pilsting

The F1 youth team then took to the pitch. SV Großköllnbach, TSV Pilsting, FC Gottfrieding and SV Höcking fought thrilling duels, with TSV Pilsting taking the overall victory with nine points.

  1. TSV Pilsting 10:0
  2. SV Großköllnbach 2:4
  3. FC Gottfrieding 2:5
  4. SV Höcking 0:5

D-Juniors crown the youth tournaments

The youth tournaments came to a close with the D-junior competition. The clubs DJK Dornwand, SG Feldkirchen-Leiblfing, JFG Gäuboden-Süd and SV Großköllnbach showed their skills in exciting matches. 

  1. DJK Dornwang 8:1
  2. SG Feldkirchen 11:3
  3. JFG Gäuboden-Süd 2:5
  4. SV Großköllnbach 0:12

All junior players were presented with a trophy after each round, which were provided by us.

CSP GmbH & Co. KG would like to thank all participants, spectators, organizers and supporters. The enthusiasm and fair competition made this day an unforgettable event. We are already looking forward to future tournaments and continuing the enthusiasm for soccer in the region.