Christmas donation - A heart for animals

A heart for animals: Christmas donation supports the animal welfare association Deggendorf u. U. e.V. - Plattling animal shelter

  • We are delighted to announce that our commitment to social responsibility and humanity has continued this year. In a democratic survey, our employees had the opportunity to decide on the direction of our donation activities.

    The result speaks volumes about the deep love of animals that is rooted in our workforce. This year, the choice fell on the Tierschutzverein Deggendorf u. U. e.V. - Tierheim Plattling, and it fills us with pride to announce that our generous donation of €2,500 will benefit this wonderful organization.

    With this contribution, we not only want to offer financial support, but also express our appreciation for the excellent work that the Tierschutzverein Deggendorf u. U. e.V. - Tierheim Plattling does. Their tireless commitment to the welfare of animals deserves the utmost respect, and we are grateful to be able to make a small contribution.

    Our heartfelt thanks go to all our employees who made this decision possible by taking part in the survey. Together we are setting an example of empathy and solidarity to make the world a better place for our animal companions. May this donation help to enrich the lives of animals and shape their future in a positive way.