Pioneer in guided production processes.

Routine does not prevail everywhere in production and inspection. As a result, mistakes happen and these affect the safety and quality of your products.

PG revolutionizes production and revision by supporting workers in all areas and is an indispensable assistant for error-free work and outstanding quality.

PG leads you directly to your goal: a zero-error strategy and exceptional product quality!

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Navigation for production

  1. Worker Guidance

    PG guides employees step by step using visual displays and assistance systems

  2. Flexible Use

    PG supports all production and assembly processes

  3. Zero-Error Strategy

    PG makes it easy to continuously improve processes and increase quality

  4. Independence

    PG is manufacturer-independent and also compatible with your preferred hardware suppliers

  • Manufacturer independence

    Connection and control of all tools and assistance systems

  • Compliance with legal requirements

    Protection in terms of the Product Liability Act

  • Improvement of product quality

    Error prevention through zero-error strategy

  • Time and cost savings

    Your partner in times of skills shortages

  • Flexibility

    Applicable to all processes in the manufacturing industry

Get more out of your production and revision with PG

    1. Assembly

      Assisting and automatically documenting assembly activities

    2. Testing

      Assisting and automatically documenting the testing of products or partial products

    3. Rework

      Assisting and automatically documenting reworking before the products are delivered

    4. Revision (Service)

      Assisting and automatically documenting service and maintenance activities


Process validation with PG

PG is a visual assembly assistance system that guides your employees step by step through the entire process chain using visual cues and connected hardware. A controlled process is thus ensured and documented accordingly in the long term.

In any case, all work steps are displayed transparently to your employees with visual support and the tools used are automatically controlled by PG. You save time and money, as only minimal training is required for your employees.

  • Consulting & Implementation

    Big Data. Down to
    the smallest detail.

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