All about torque meets quality.

QS-Torque offers various options for designing process or screwdriver tool tests. Due to an outstanding level of quality assurance, you can make sure that only premium products leave your company.

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Quality has a name

  1. Quality Testing

    Assists in the planning, implementation and evaluation of quality tests

  2. Documentation

    Makes it possible to trace back the lifecycle of a screw joint and inspect it from different perspectives

  3. Integrated Historisation

    The entire master data can still be retrieved years later

  4. Security

    Ensures that you are on the safe side in terms of product liability laws

  • Manufacturer-Independent

    QS-Torque is manufacturer-independent, enabling you to utilise test equipment from a variety of manufacturers.

  • Tool Testing

    QS-Torque enables you to test screwdrivers or hand tools with screw joint parameters or parameter sets.

  • Reliable Storage

    QS-Torque ensures reliable storage of all tightening point data.

  • Revision Security

    QS-Torque ensures the long-term and audit-proof storage of master data.

  • Individually Configurable

    Due to its individual configurability and expandability, you can adapt the QS-Torque system entirely to your needs and expand it flexibly.

  • Low Maintenance Requirements

    With QS-Torque, you can significantly reduce the maintenance efforts for your data. The system ensures efficient data management and minimises the effort required for data maintenance.

  • Flexible Use

    Due to simple station assignment, QS-Torque can be used flexibly and according to your specific needs.

  • Worldwide Data Availability

    Due to the use of a central server, our customers have access to seamless, worldwide data availability. At the same time, we ensure the comparability of data within all connected locations.

Quality Assurance with QS-Torque

QS-Torque assists you in the planning, implementation and evaluation of quality tests along the entire service life of your product, with the focus always on the screw joint/connection and everything related to it.

It allows the lifecycle of a screw joint to be tracked and viewed from different perspectives, and since the entire master data, for example for measuring points, tools and test devices, can still be retrieved years later, you are also on the safe side in terms of product liability laws.

By integrating QS-Torque and IPM, joint evaluations of quality and process data are possible.

    • SCS
    • Atlas Copco
    • Kistler
    • Stahlwille
    • And many more!
    • SCS
    • GWK
    • Kistler
    • Atlas Copco
    • Gedore
    • And many more!
    • Hand tool and screwdriver testing by parameter sets or screw joint parameters
    • Reliable storage of process data in a central database
    • Historisation: Recycle bin and archive function for audit-proof storage of data
    • Individual configurability of your testing conditions and evaluations
    • Less maintenance effort
    • Individually expandable (over 60 modules)
    • Individual and flexible use due to simple station assignment and changing
    • Data collection for release processes
    • Simple master data import or export for data entry/processing
  • Consulting & Implementation

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    the smallest detail.

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