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QS-Torque reliably checks processes and tools in your production and besides fastening processes and fastening tools, it is also able to handle process tests and test data. Thanks to this outstanding quality assurance, only first-class products leave your company.

Quality has a name

  • Assists in the planning, execution and evaluation of quality audits
  • The focus is always on the fastening process/connection
  • The life cycle of a fastened connection can be traced and viewed from different perspectives
  • The entire master data can still be retrieved years later
  • On the safe side in terms of product liability law

In short

Advantages of  QST

QS-Torque works manufacturer-independently

Automatic testing of various tools

Reliable storage of all fastening process data

Master data is retained in the long term and is audit-proof

Less maintenance effort for the data

Individually configurable and expandable

Individual and flexible use through simple station assignment

Worldwide data availability when using a central server

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