Schraubtec North in Hamburg

The SchraubTec trade fair series started very successfully this year on 27 April with SchraubTec SÜD in Sindelfingen. This year, for the first time, SchraubTec NORD took place on 12 May in Hamburg in the Hamburg-Schnelsen exhibition hall, which we naturally did not want to miss.

The SchraubTec is a regional trade fair for screw connections. The focus is on imparting knowledge about bolted joints, bolting techniques, bolting tools and the procurement and purchasing of C-parts.

We were there with the following highlights:

LEO: The Flexible Tool Station offers a complete solution for carrying out assembly and rework as well as inspections throughout the production area.

CHRONOS: The product identifies inactive data and converts it into an open, long-term secure format.

QS-Torque: QS-Torque reliably checks processes and tools in production and can process process checks and test data in addition to bolting processes and bolting tools.

IPM: Processes in the manufacture of a product are often very complex. The more extensive a production process is, the faster errors creep in and often go unnoticed. With IPM, you can keep an eye on the process data.

IPM PG: As a navigation system in production, IPM PG guides the employees step by step through production by means of on-screen instructions.

Compared to SchraubTec SÜD, SchraubTec NORD was moderately attended. This can be attributed to the fact that it was a first-time event. Nevertheless, we found the fair very pleasant and had great and interesting discussions. We hope that the trade fair in Hamburg will establish itself in the field of screwdriving technology and are already looking forward to next year.