PG – new module "Camera Integration"

  • Routine does not always prevail in production. New work processes in assembly complicate the process or employees overlook a recently introduced change. Mistakes happen, which not only affect the safety of the product, but also the quality. With PG, employees are guided step by step through the assembly process by means of on-screen instructions. This guarantees an error rate close to zero.

New module for camera integration

With the help of visual assembly assistance, errors are not only avoided, but the process is documented in the long term.

The new “Camera Integration” license module allows images to be recorded during the worker process using the camera connected to the PC. After a picture has been taken, it can be viewed in the file attachments of the joining point. This guarantees an extraordinary documentation regarding the quality of the product and provides visual insight into the product process in case of a recall.


Additional functions linked to the camera integration

Independent of the license module, two additional settings are available:

  • on the one hand, barcodes can be scanned via the camera (barcode start) and
  • on the other hand, images can be created in the image editor directly via the camera.

Both functions can be used to extend the workflow within the production.


Manufacturer independence during integration

Our products act manufacturer-independent and can thus be expanded at any time with any manufacturer. This also enables an integration of the already existing cameras.