New extension for PG - GS1

From now on we offer you the possibility to use GS1 codes in our PG application and benefit from the numerous advantages of GS1 standards.

Discover the highlights of our new extension:

  • Special GS1 feature in worker mode: easy text entry for GS1 codes - our new feature allows your employees to effortlessly enter GS1 codes and integrate them into the work process.
  • Decoding of GS1 codes: With just one input click, the GS1 code is decoded by PG. The individual GS1 blocks are distributed to other features in the same work step according to your individual configuration - for smooth and efficient production.
  • Flexible setting options: Our extension offers you various setting options so that you can adapt the application perfectly to your requirements. Control the FNC1 separator and set inspection rules for the GS1 devices - all according to your needs.
  • Compatibility with "Camera Integration" Extension: Combining with our popular "Camera Integration" extension allows you to scan and seamlessly process GS1 codes (1D or 2D codes). Efficiency and accuracy are paramount.
  • GS1 code entry via barcode start: We know that habits are important. That's why we've also thought of those who want to continue using the familiar barcode start. Easily enter GS1 codes via the normal barcode start as well and experience the seamless integration into your workflows.

Be a pioneer in your industry and take advantage of GS1 standards and our innovative enhancement. Increase the efficiency and precision of your production and stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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