Hardware connection Keyence IV3

From now on we offer you the possibility to connect the Keyence IV3 camera to PG. This innovative combination enables more efficient and precise quality control in the production of components.

The Keyence IV3 camera is known for its high-resolution image processing technology and its integrated pattern recognition software. It continuously captures images during the manufacturing process and is capable of detecting the smallest defects and irregularities.

The seamless connection of the Keyence IV3 camera to PG gives you numerous advantages. As soon as a defect is detected, the camera immediately sends a signal to the production line. As a result, defective components can be sorted out immediately before they pass through further processes. This enables higher quality optimization, as possible defects are detected and sorted out at an early stage. In addition, you save valuable time through automated defect detection and reduce human error sources. PG integration provides you with centralized management and control of your production processes. You benefit from effective monitoring, control and optimization of production, without separate control systems and additional costs.

All the advantages:

  • High-resolution image processing technology
  • Integrated pattern recognition software
  • Detection of smallest defects and irregularities
  • Seamless connection to PG (production line)
  • Immediate signal transmission upon defect detection
  • Direct sorting out of defective components
  • Time savings thanks to automated defect detection
  • Reduction of human error sources
  • Central management and control of production processes


We are convinced that PG will help you optimize your production processes and raise the quality of your components to a new level. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration of this technology.