Further training of CSP consultants

CSP GmbH & Co. KG from Großköllnbach attaches great importance to the qualification and further training of its employees. That’s why a four-month training series for CSP consultants began in December under the direction of trainer and coach Dr. Achim Schnitzler from the IWP Institute for Business Education.

Consultants play a key role for the software manufacturer CSP GmbH & Co. KG play a key role. During projects, consultants work closely with customers to identify their needs and requirements. At the same time, they communicate these internally with the various departments so that the customers receive the desired products and services. In order to support the CSP consultants in their daily tasks, a series of training courses on the subject, individually tailored to the needs of the CSP and the participants and entitled “First understand – then be understood”, was successfully launched in December.

After very good experiences with Achim Schnitzler and the IWP with an online training series in the “Corona Wedding” in 2021, the successful cooperation is now logically continued.

The current training series is based on the blended learning concept. Blended learning is a learning concept in which different forms of learning are optimally combined: Face-to-face training, virtual classrooms (webinars) and digital self-learning units. In the self-learning units, a wide variety of digital learning media such as interactive videos, exercises and game-based training are offered to the learners in a targeted manner. Thus, blended learning represents a combination of digital and traditional learning methods and consistently uses the advantages of both.

Blended learning enables participants to continue their education on-site as well as from home. All participants have the opportunity to take part in the content in different ways and to learn in a way that is adapted to their individual needs and abilities. The learning speed can be determined by the participants themselves. Units can be repeated and looked up several times. Learning can be flexibly integrated into the daily work routine.

The training series consists of six consecutive course parts, spread over four months. Consultants learn and consolidate knowledge over a longer process. This results in a significantly improved learning curve. With blended learning, content is broken down into small learning nuggets. This allows learning to take place in between and during breaks.

In the classroom training sessions, the focus is on implementing the knowledge learned and deepened in the virtual classrooms (webinars) and the digital self-learning units. This is done through hands-on exercises as well as with conversation simulations relevant to the participants, which are recorded via video and then analyzed together (see photos).

CSP sees blended learning as an important investment in the development of its employees. It is an efficient way to teach employees new skills and knowledge and keep them up-to-date with the latest technology.

The seminar series is led by Dr. Achim Schnitzler. Mr. Schnitzler is a trainer, coach and learning facilitator in the areas of sales, purchasing, communication and leadership. Due to his comprehensive education and his practical experience, he manages to bridge the gap between experience, theory, and the needs and requirements of his clients. He consistently encourages and challenges his participants.

At the end of the training, the consultants have a set of tried and tested communication tools to actively manage the “needs ping-pong” in their daily work and in their dealings with clients, always under the motto “First understand – then be understood”.

  • Dr. Achim Schnitzler & IWP Institute for Business Education:
    Achim Schnitzler has been part of the IWP Institute for Business Education for 10 years. As a trainer, coach and learning facilitator, he is a specialist in the areas of sales, purchasing, communication as well as leadership. The IWP Institute for Business Education has been successful for more than 40 years and is today one of the most renowned training providers in German-speaking countries. A few months ago, the IWP was awarded the E-Learning AWARD 2022 by the E-Learning Journal for the best blended-learning sales training – another reason for CSP to again rely on the IWP’s expertise.
    E-Mail: achim.schnitzler@iwp-training.de
    Website: https://iwp-training.de/unser-team/dr-achim-schnitzler/
    Link to the winning project: https://www.elearning-journal.com/2022/02/08/kategorie-vertriebstraining-3/