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Archiving solution from CSP GmbH & Co. KG ensures medical technology customers the long-term availability of important data. The company thus protects its master data and easily complies with legal requirements.

When decommissioning legacy systems (=application retirement), care must often be taken to continue to retain data in accordance with legal or internal requirements. For this purpose, CSP GmbH & Co. KG offers with CHRONOS an inexpensive and secure solution regarding data archiving. The KLS Martin Group has been taking advantage of this since November 2021.

In 1896, KLS Martin Group began dedicating itself to surgery with the promise “Surgical Innovation is our Passion.” Since then, they have been developing and distributing medical solutions such as implant systems, surgical lights as well as surgical instruments. They place particular emphasis on precision and care. Of course, this principle is also applied to the archiving of your data.

With the CHRONOS software, which was developed by CSP for database archiving, legacy data can be made available over a very long period of time. These are optimally protected against unauthorized access and the open archive format ensures that the data will remain readable in the future. KLS can thus access its data quickly and easily at any time.

In recent years, the KLS Martin Group has grown by merging with several companies, such as KLS Martin Medical and Mondeal Medical Systems, which are also positioned in the medical field. As a result, more and more archiving-relevant data is accumulating. In order to guarantee the retention periods as well as the auditability of this data, the company has decided to use the CHRONOS software to easily comply with all compliance regulations. “Previously, we had various systems in use and archiving did not play a major role. Due to the company restructuring, it was necessary to archive the data. This was solved with CHRONOS,” explained Wojciech Wypior, Head of Business Applications at KLS Martin Group. Before the merger, various ELO systems were in use. These are ERP solutions that are used to control all business processes in a company.  “Now we rely on CHRONOS, and everything that comes in the future in terms of long-term archived data will be archived in CHRONOS,” Wypior counters. By using CHRONOS, additional software can be saved for the KLS Martin Group, which was one of the reasons for the standardization.

Since November 2021, a lot of data has been archived in the course of the first pilot project. Due to the positive experience gained, the scope will be expanded to other projects and completed by the end of the year 2022. Wojciech Wypior is very satisfied with the integration of the system as well as the implementation by CSP. “The cooperation works very well. You can always rely on CSP employees, both in terms of deadlines and content. Everything is straightforward.”