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CSP software offers you an effective solution to achieve your goal of holistic product quality assurance during production processes. With our software solutions, you can optimise, monitor and control your entire quality management process in real time. Collect and analyse data and information from different production stages to detect potential deviations or quality problems, even at an early stage.


Our software also offers features for documenting and tracking quality checks and controls, enabling you to keep detailed records of every step of the production process and ensure product traceability.


Optimise your production processes, reduce quality deviations and increase efficiency, ensuring improved product quality, improved customer loyalty and a positive reputation for your company.

  • “IPM enables preventive quality assurance. The tool provides all the basic data required from the process for quality planning. The software was therefore strategically embedded in Daimler's IT concept and is part of our internal solution PLA, the product life cycle file. Here, IPM covers the so-called 'small control loop.”

    Stephan IvanauskasAdministrator of Quality Systems at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Hamburg

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