How much budget do you save per year with your databases?

Friday September 20th, 2019Chronos

    Approximately 85% of all existing database contents are inactive. Switching them off or archiving them often sets free a tremendous potential for saving money. What cost-saving effects are possible in your company will now be revealed by the Chronos Potential Calculator.


    Chronos Potential Calculator Einsparpotential savings potential DB-ArchivierungIn times of big data, databases in companies often contain amounts of data that are not even remotely comprehensible. In order to utilize storage systems effectively, correct handling of databases that are no longer used is inevitable. Studies show that not even one fifth of all data in databases is actively used; the rest of it is inactive and frequently expands systems unnecessarily.


    You should thus regularly differentiate between active and passive data sets. This relieves your databases immensely and restores their initial performance capacity. Moreover, this is a good way to restrict the growing need of more saving space and therefore to spare the IT budget. Find out now how much saving potential lies dormant in your company with only a few clicks, using the Chronos Potential Calculator.


    As shown by the example of a well-known bank, installing and utilizing a software for archiving inactive databases made for savings amounting to almost € 250,000.00 in the first year alone. In this example, the beginning of the project dealt with two applications both with a data volume of 1.5 terabytes which was being held online in an Oracle-database. Only one third of the data was actually required online. Hence, two thirds of the data was transferred. The result: Performant, trim systems and enormous savings in storage space in Oracle.


    Tip for your database-strategy: Take care that the software that you use for optimizing your database stores your data in a way that offers long-term and regular access. Due to statutory requirements, data often must be available for a long time, but it does not need to be actively stored in databases.


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