Upgrade IPM Curve Navigator: Detect deviations within production processes even more precisely

Thursday July 29th, 2021Process Data Management, Quality Assurance

    The improvement of the IPM module from version 6.4 provides additional functions. Quality and production managers can look forward to the enhancements for the optimal evaluation of process curves.


    The ongoing development of the product range of CSP GmbH & Co. KG includes not only new features but also the upgrade of existing modules in the respective software solutions. The IPM Curve Navigator has now been optimized so that quality and production managers can detect deviations in their manufacturing processes even more easily and precisely. With the release of the new IPM version, the module offers useful additional functionalities.




    1. Optimize process curve comparison capabilities: Thanks to scalable X and Y axes, for example, smaller values can be displayed and evaluated in the best possible way. This is especially helpful with large amounts of data and makes analyses more dynamic and accurate with the zoom function.
    2. Focus on the essential: New filter settings are available for evaluations. Thus, for a CSP customer, the number of curves to be considered was reduced from 10,000 to only 100 relevant curves. Information on measurements can be displayed directly by clicking on the respective curve and filtered individually.
    3. Due to new storage options and archive access, measurement results and reference curves remain permanently and quickly traceable. This is important when responsible parties need to access older measurement data, for example, for product liability reasons.
    4. Retrieving archived data back into the productive database? Users can now also do this with individual filter settings. This means they get the data they really need more quickly.
    5. Use data in other ways? Export via CSV is now fully integrated. It simplifies the handling of data enormously because it allows further analysis of the curve data in other tools.


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