Trend PostgreSQL: Chronos allows users to profit from Open Source Database

Friday November 9th, 2018Chronos, Database Archiving

    The open source database PostgreSQL has experienced a virtual rebirth some time ago. With this database, ambitious web services and software can be realized cost-free and also for companies. With Chronos version 5, PostgreSQL is now also available as a repository.

     Chronos DB archiving supports PostgreSQL


    With its initial release at the end of the 80s, the free, object-relational database management system PostgreSQL has experienced a long term of development. By now, the software offers numerous handy functions and has thus become one of the most comprehensive database systems.


    PostgreSQL as repository


    Among users, an increasing tendency to part with other database systems and to introduce PostgreSQL can be observed at the moment. Chronos, the software for archiving of databases of CSP GmbH & Co.KG has picked up on this trend for its users in version 5. For archiving of data and files, but most of all as a repository, as well, for example for saving of Chronos-specific meta data, Chronos now also supports PostgreSQL. Apart from PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, and DB2 are also supported by the software as repository databases.


    Disappearing license costs and easy switch


    A big advantage for all those you will rely on PostgreSQL in future: Saving of license costs. For many established database systems that are implemented in big companies, the license costs are enormous. PostgreSQL, however, is cost-free for all users. What makes the switch to PostgreSQL even easier is the SQL standard 2011 in which the system is mostly written. The syntax is built very similarly to other databases.


    Thus, the database archiving software Chronos supports one of the most-used open source databases. Apart from the archiving possibility of PostgreSQL, the import of datasets in PostgreSQL is also ensured.


    If you would like to learn more about Chronos, you can watch this video on Chronos with plenty of information.