Searching across archives and mathematical functions: These new features support working with archive data

Wednesday May 2nd, 2018Chronos, Database Archiving

    The database archiving software CHRONOS of CSP GmbH & Co. KG offers two new functions. Searching across archives and mathematical functions make working with data easier and even more efficient


    DB Archivierung archiving CHRONOS Archive Explorer CAE


    Searching across archives: Parallel searches on different archives


    Archived does not automatically mean, that files sink without a trace forever. Sometimes, at some point they are still needed after all. This then means: searching. If archived date from different archives with different storage places (archive configuration) are concerned, searching for them means even more effort. In order to avoid having to search every single one of the archives individually, there is now “Searching across archives” with CHRONOS Archive Explorer, a browser application for searching on archives, and the option to search several archives at the same time. In this option, the search is executed via one single form. Results are subsequently cumulated and clearly arranged in a table. This is a large bonus especially when it comes to comparing different search results.


    Mathematical functions: Fast calculations made easy


    With the mathematical functions, there is an additional new feature in the CHRONOS Archive Explorer. Calculations can be done directly in the system with this feature, and minimum, average and maximum value, sum and number of several values may be determined. In addition to the calculation result, the single values are also displayed. This way, switching back and forth between the search and calculation results as often as you wish is possible. A previous export to Excel to do the calculations is no longer necessary. This means less time required and more comfort for people working with the program.


    For more information on CHRONOS, watch this video.