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Success Stories

Satisfied CSP customers

KLS Martin Group: KLS Martin Group relies on CHRONOS for application data backup
Anton Schlecker e.K.i.I.: Obligation to producing supporting documents are met even after bankruptcy
Stadler Winterthur AG: IPM PG worker guidance secures assembly processes at Stadler Winterthur AG

CHRONOS, a commercial product designed for scalability and industrial requirements, offers a variety of tools and end-user applications that enable both the export of a physical database archive and the operation on it. CHRONOS provides all the mandatory bits at the required level of complexity to meet the challenges of the ongoing/continuous and partial archiving scenario. Core functionality includes running SQL92 queries on the archived data with database-like performance, supporting revisions, syntactic and semantic schema changes, resolving cyclic dependencies, handling external referential integrity, comprehensive access control and data retention layer, etc. In addition to the core functionality, CHRONOS provides support for the use case of retirement of applications with tools that allow remodelling of business objects, application logic and reporting functionality, as well as the ability to serve directly as a middleware layer for legacy applications. The numerous programmatic interfaces allow integration with most of the system's functions as well as access to data via standard mechanisms such as JDBC.

Mr. LindleyAIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

CSP GmbH & Co. KG in Großköllnbach is an extremely competent contact for me when I have technical problems with IPM. The support is uncomplicated, fast and always very customer-friendly and pleasant. Thanks to our support contract, we are always up to date with the integrated process data management IPM. The associated updates are planned, coordinated and carefully carried out by CSP GmbH. In summary, it is a pleasure to work with CSP.

Mr. WagnerMercedes Benz AG

The introduction of the worker management IPM PG was very rewarding for us at the Munich site. The software has measurably optimised the work steps in assembly and we now recommend the use of IPM PG to our other branches. The cooperation in the project with the CSP experts was trusting and goal-oriented at all times. We particularly appreciate the direct contact with the developers. This meant that any questions that arose could be solved very quickly at any time.

Mr. KollerKnorr-Bremse AG

Thanks for your long-term and kindly support. The project has been done quickly and successfully, I hope this period of time is very glad for you, and I will never forget it. I hope our cooperation is a pleasant in the future. But as I mentioned, we are not only partners, but also friends. So keep in close touch with each other. Deep gratitude and welcome to Mianyang once again.

Mr. He ZhengXCE Mianyang Xinchen Engine Co., Ltd.

It was a great collaboration!

Mr. KlettenburgMercedes Benz AG

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