Leading in guided production processes.

In the various areas of production, there is not always routine, causing errors, which affect the safety and quality of your products.

In these instances, PG is the solution, leading you directly to your goal: A zero-error strategy and exceptional product quality!

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Navigation during Production Processes

  1. Visual Guide

    PG leitet Mitarbeiter Schritt für Schritt mittels Bildschirmhinweisen

  2. Flexible Use

    PG supports all production processes

  3. Zero-Error Strategy

    PG enables a zero-error strategy to assist you in reaching your goals

  4. Independence

    PG is manufacturer-independent

  • Error Minimisation

    Clear instructions and visual aids help to avoid mistakes during production processes.

  • Compliance with Legal Requirements

    Assurance according to the Product Liability Act due to insightful key figures.

  • Overview through Analysis

    Through comprehensive analysis and documentation of all processes, PG provides a clear overview of your entire system.

  • Time and Cost Saving

    Thanks to low training investment, PG can effectively save you both costs and time.

  • Zero-Error Strategy

    Thanks to early detection of defective products, PG effectively minimises the risk of product recalls.

  • Manufacturer Independence

    PG is manufacturer-independent and allows you to seamlessly integrate different tool manufacturers into your system.

  • Flexibility

    The visual production guide can be used in all manufacturing industry processes, offering comprehensive support.

  • Simple Data Exchange

    PG enables simple data exchange to display work processes quickly and clearly.

A Production SatNav

PG is a visual production guide system that supports your employees step by step through the entire process chain by means of on-screen instructions, ensuring a controlled process that is also documented accordingly over the long term.

In any case, all necessary steps are presented clearly to your employees with visual aids, enabling you to save time and money, as only a small amount of training is required for your staff.

    • Desoutter DeltaWrench tool
    • ELIAS infra DAT/blue DAT measurement tool
    • SCS Freedom Wrench 3
    • Apex Cleco LiveWire
    • GWK Operator Plus
    • Gedore E-Torc Q 
    • Bosch Rexroth Nexo
    • Stahlwille 766
    • ITH High Torque Rotary Screwdriver
    • We are manufacturer-independent! Our system can be expanded at any time.
    • CSV tool
    • Modbus field bus coupler
    • Generic OpenProtocol tool
    • AtlasCopco PF4000 control
    • AtlasCopco PF6000 control 
    • AtlasCopco IRC FOCUS
    • Desoutter CVI3 control
    • Ingersoll Rand ICPCM
    • Ingersoll Rand QCX control
    • Sturtevant Richmont GLOBAL 400 MP
    • AcraDyne Gen IV Controller
    • Stanley QBE Controller
    • And many more!
  • PG can, in principle, connect all peripheral devices that have a driver for keyboard input. These include RFID card readers, hand buzzers and foot switches. In addition, it is possible to use all Windows-compatible cameras for the camera integration extension. There is also an option to create labels using a Zebra printer.

  • Our software product PG supports you in designing and optimising your production processes efficiently, enabling you to send process data directly to PG. In addition, PG offers an offline capability so that you can access important functions and data even without internet access. We have already successfully implemented interfaces with various ERP systems to ensure a smooth flow of information and our experienced development team works closely with customers to develop customised solutions. Contact us to learn more about PG and how it can improve your production processes.

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