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How IPM PG supports your production

  • Your processes become more secure and structured because IPM PG detects and visualizes human errors. Your production staff can correct these immediately by doing rework.
  • Your product quality improves significantly because IPM PG guides even more critical assembly processes and therefore lets your error rate run to zero (Poka Yoke).
  • You stay on top of everything because all procedures will be analyzed and documented in IPM.
  • You play it safe because you easily meet legal requirements concerning data storage. Our worker guide archives your processes for the long term and revision-proof, which is particularly important when security-related processes are concerned. It also facilitates component tracking.
  • You stay independent because our universal interfaces can accept all tool manufacturers. Being able to choose from the wide range of suppliers saves a great amount of costs.
  • You stay flexible because IPM PG can be used in all production processes, which can be freely defined. Whether you use island manufacturing or assembly line production, IPM PG supports you at various work stations.
  • IPM PG uses data from your Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in order to quickly portray manufacturing processes. This process data is in turn available to your MES or ERP system for evaluations.
  • You save time and money because IPM PG requires lower training expenses for your production employees.
  • You remain independent because you can easily represent complex processes in IPM PG yourself. Our worker guide is an embedded part of your manufacturing process, not an added work step.


Our worker guide IPM PG is already successfully used by manufacturing companies that work with high quality standards. Our experts are happy to give you all the information you need – contact us anytime!