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Hitting the zero-defect target with our Poka Yoke solution IPM PG

What is Poka Yoke? It means “avoiding unfortunate mistakes”. Japanese engineer Shigeo Shingo developed the Poka Yoke Method in the eighties, making it possible to avoid errors in work procedures with the help of simple technical measures.


Why do errors occur in production?


  • Products become ever more complex and have a large number of versions
  • Wrong components are used in the work process
  • Work instructions on paper are worn and difficult to read
  • New employees lack experience in the work process
  • Experienced employees miss a recently introduced change in the work process

What defines the ideal zero-defect solution


  • The solution is simple to implement and has a positive effect on your product quality
  • Investment costs are low
  • The solution is not an additional work step but a part of the process
  • Workers are not monitored but rather supported in working with high quality standards


IPM PG identifies and avoids human errors in all phases of production through freely definable work procedures. Our worker guide is not an additional work step but a part of the production process. In addition, IPM PG provides you with a long-term data documentation for all work steps. Achieve zero-defect production with low investment and significantly improve your product quality!