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Our worker guide in action

To give you a better idea of how our worker guide works in practice, let us demonstrate with a sample scenario:


Your production worker scans a part marked with a barcode. IPM PG requests the corresponding stored data and visualizes a component with three bolting positions to be fastened for your worker, also showing the necessary tool for the process.


The worker fastens the first component correctly (OK). IPM PG now visualizes the next production step with a new image and six new bolting positions.


Here, the worker also fastens the first 4 bolting positions correctly (OK). The other two bolting positions, however, are fastened incorrectly (NOK = not OK). IPM now gives the worker a rework strategy.


Your employee has two rework attempts before the component is rejected. The worker fastens the component correctly on the first try. IPM PG recognizes the work process as OK. The software moves forward to the next step and passes the component on to the next work station.



The intelligent workflow engine in IPM PG allows you to define the work procedures of your production staff starting from the smallest of parts all the way to the finished product throughout the entire production process. This includes, e.g. how the worker is guided through the production process, how many work steps they have to pass through or how to proceed in case of an OK/NOK notification.