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Features of IPM PG

Tool controlUniversal tool interface:

  • No dependency on any tool manufacturer
  • IPM PG already supports a large number of electronical torque wrenches and EC wrenches

Nut selector:

  • Support for nut selectors
  • Support of pick-to-light –> E/A module, Modbus protocol
  • Faster assembly by lower picking time
Position recognition
  • IPM PG supports the position recognition of a tool based on a tool mounting with rotation transducer sensors
Communication with industrial plantsSPS:

  • Data exchange via Ethernet

Modbus protocol:

  • For communication with industrial plants, IPM PG supports the Modbus protocol (e.g. SPS) or E/A modules (e.g. light barriers, sensors, stoplights)
Rework supportProcess:

  • Scanning the component’s serial number starts the rework process
  • Documentation of entire process
  • Creation of report


  • On the line (in-line)
  • Designated work station for rework

Work plans:

  • Work plans are filed digitally and available at every work station
Setup time optimization
  • Several components in a row can be processed without interruption
ReportsAutomatic reports:

  • Reports are created automatically as soon as an assignment is completed with OK

Different versions:

  • Complete report with all measurement data
  • First passes report: shows all parts that were manufactured without any errors, thus helping detect weaknesses in the production process
  • Individual reports on request


  • Filing in file system
  • Available anytime
Long-term data storageCentral database:

  • Measurement data is automatically collected and represented in reports
  • Work plans are filed digitally and available anywhere
ReliabilityAlternative tool:

  • In case of a tool defect, an alternative tool can be selected instead without any interruptions

Local databases:

  • If the central database is unavailable, measurement data can be stored temporarily on a local database
Familiar configuration interfaceAdmin interface:

  • Structure and handling analogous to Windows explorer
  • Copy, cut, insert, drag&drop

Import and Export:

  • Import and export of master data in CSV format
Integration into Windows system environmentActive Directory link:

  • Single Sign On
  • No maintenance requirements for user accounts


  • Distribution via MSI package


  • Automatic update function
Optimization for touch screensDisplay:

  • Easy-to-press buttons
  • Usable without keyboard or mouse
  • Large GUI elements


  • All data to be entered in IPM PG can be collected via USB scanner
Authorization conceptEasy user administration:

  • Link to Active Directory possible
  • Users – roles – rights