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IPM PG – the „navigation system“ for your production

Imagine you are driving to a city you’ve never been before – alone. You know the address, but how do you get there? Of course you’ll use your navigation system. Don’t you agree that this immediately makes the situation a little easier and more relaxed?


In production, too, there’s not always a routine. Mistakes can happen, which affects your product security and quality! With our „navigation system“ IPM PG (IPM Production Guide), your production processes are more safely under way…


New employees often don’t have enough experience or experienced staff miss a recently introduced change in the work process and use the wrong parts, work instructions on paper are worn and difficult to read…


IPM PG guides your staff step by step using on-screen messages, tool position recognition in three-dimensional space and pick-to-light and supports them with all production processes. Our worker guidance IPM PG leads you directly to your destination: zero defect production and extraordinary product quality.