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Different requirements call for different solutions

QS-Torque’s current version 7 provides a standard volume with the following functions:

  • Individually configurable master mask
  • Assistant for data collection
  • Tool and process data at one bolting position
  • Use of several tools at one and the same bolting position with different parameters (e.g. pre and final tightening)
  • Use of several process types for product check (e.g. serial, special or audit test)
  • Complete life cycle for all master data (history)
  • Individually configurable report of master data
  • Filter option for all lists (master data and reports)
  • Data export to other applications (e.g. Excel or QS-Stat) for master and test data
  • Group-related, detailed rights assignment
  • Replication mechanism during data reconciliation between server database and client database on a test bench
  • Simple station assignment
  • Simple station change


The extended volume contains the following additional functions:

  • Area concept for segmentation of data
  • Individual definition of measuring points for administration of different measurement units independent of the bolting technology (e.g. tears, clearances, tilts)
  • Connection of various test tool suppliers (neutrality in the use of measuring equipment)
  • Attribute tests


QS-Torque offers several additional modules for an individual configuration of your quality tests.