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Rivet tester – your patented rivet and tool test

The rivet has been gaining more and more importance in today’s assembly technology. Therefore, the highest possible quality is essential for riveted joints. That is why we have developed the rivet tester!


It tests, for the first time, your riveted joints and tools, e.g. rivet guns and rivet nut setting tools and determines their quality. Our quality management system QS-Torque documents the results. The collection of rivet and test device curves allows for an optimal analysis of the riveting process – for highest product quality!


Want to know what a test of your tools and riveted joints looks like? A test is always made up of a combination of the original blind rivet and/or rivet nut from the production batch, the riveting tool and one or several metal strips that can match the original components in structure and thickness.


How our world’s first rivet tester helps you


  • Our rivet tester ensures higher quality because it reliably tests your tools and rivet joints so you can intervene faster in case of defects
  • It can be used according to individual requirements because it tests all kinds of rivets and does not limit your choice of tool suppliers
  • Its great mobility allows you to use the rivet tester anywhere in your company. All test data is available to you at any time and company-wide
  • The rivet tester can be easily integrated and operated in your existing QS-Torque environment, with a simple calibration of the measuring system
  • QS-Torque saves and archives all test data. You can access the data again at any time


Our one of a kind rivet tester is already being used by many of our clients who are impressed with the profound quality improvements – see for yourself! Our experts are happy to give you all the information you need – contact us anytime!