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Your QS-Torque benefits

  • You are independent because QS-Torque does not limit your choice of tool suppliers – you decide which test tools you want to work with
  • You keep an overview because QS-Torque reliably saves and historicises tool and process data of all bolting positions
Integrated longtime archiving QS-Torque CSP Software products
  • QS-Torque extends your testing options. At one and the same bolting position you can automatically test different tools with different parameters. QS-Torque also examines your products in several process types (e.g. serial or audit tests).
  • With over 60 modules and comprehensive configuration options you decide which functionalities you need for quality control of your products. For example, QS-Torque controls maintenance of your tools depending on their use and therefore ensures optimum usage of tools.
  • You play it safe because you easily meet legal requirements concerning data storage (e.g. VDI/VDE 2862, VDI/VDE 2646, VDI/VDE 2647 and VDI/VDE 2645 page 1-3). QS-Torque archives your master data for the long term and revision-proof.
  • You define how and what to evaluate! Test conditions and evaluations are individually configurable. Also, all master and test data can be easily exported into other applications.
  • QS-Torque for a single work station or your entire manufacturing plant? QS-Torque works just the way you need it to. Thanks to simple station assignment and change you decide how and for whom you use QS-Torque. Group-related and detailed rights assignments ensure even more data security.

QS-Torque has been a leading force in process and tool testing for 25 years. In many companies it has contributed to a substantial increase in product quality and security. Make your products first-class, too. Our experts are happy to give you all the information you need.


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