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Because no production process is like the other…

The IPM modules and versions cover the following functionalities for monitoring and optimization or your individual production processes:


  • Visualization of your process development over certain time periods
  • Statistical processing and graphic visualization of average values and variation ranges of your measurement data (e.g. frequency density, probability plots, single value charts and characteristics)
  • Monitoring of limit values including reports creation and notifications
  • Display of Key Performance Indicators (e.g. cp, cpk, sigma, dppt) for the collected measurement values and measurement points
  • Detection and analysis of errors in the production process by NOK evaluations, error tracking and history, error search by attribute and component tracing
  • Part tracking and tracing with component tracing all the way to the supplier
  • Display of first pass yield, i.e. products that leave the production line without any rework
  • Product life cycle information from start to finish of their production including automatic archiving
  • Collection of image information for a product as an additional documentation on top of the measurement data
  • Display and analysis of up to „n“ fastening and press-in curves (number depending on your hardware)
  • Revision tracking by observation of parameter and tool changes
  • End of line test, i.e. self-learning assembly check where IPM independently gets to know new models and detects discrepancies, e.g. incorrectly assembled parts
  • If data is required directly at the plants for production control they can be requested via IPM


Learn more about all the functionalities of IPM in our current version overview!