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Flexible architecture options according to your requirements

CSP GmbH & Co. KG IPM Process Data Management

The allocation of the individual components to several computers is random. The components IPM Gateway and IPM Server can be installed on any platform for which a Java-VM is available. Up to now, these components are running on HP-UX, AIX, Linux and Windows.


IPM Gateway and IPM Server

The IPM Gateway receives the measuring data (telegrams) of the station, checks it for correctness and sends it to the IPM Server. The IPM Server sends the data to the database. IPM Gateway and IPM Server always exist in a 1:n relationship.


IPM Database

The measurement data is filed in the IPM database. The IPM Web Interface requests all necessary information from the database. At present, all current Oracle versions are supported.


IPM Web Interface

The IPM Web Interface offers the user numerous reports via the browser with no installation requirements by the Client.



Connection viaTCP / IPShare
IPM telegram formatx
RFC 1006x
Universal telegram formatx
XML xx
VW Group XML standardx
CSV filesx


You can find the IPM telegram specifications in our download area.