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Product facts

You work faster because

  • you relieve your databases by archiving old or inactive data and therefore improve your database performance
  • your archived data is available anytime. By making a simple SQL query or defining predetermined reports, CHRONOS will provide your data as needed

CHRONOS makes your work easier because

  • it automatically initiates archiving
  • it independently recognizes new template versions (e.g. new versions of your archived application)
  • data research is possible even without any SQL knowledge by using custom search forms
  • application components written in Java enable the universal usage of CHRONOS on any platform

You reduce costs because

  • thanks to CHRONOS, you won’t constantly need new and more efficient hardware to store your old data
  • you can achieve considerably lower TCO for the operation of your databases by slimming them down
  • you require less memory space for backup storage. Since your productive database backups will be smaller in the future, recovery times will be significantly shorter.

You work on the safe side because

  • CHRONOS archives your data in an unalterable manner, thus helping you follow compliance rules
  • you can protect your data from unauthorized access by encrypting it
  • you can evaluate archived data in the future by using an open archive format
  • you achieve a higher level of security by separating archives and databases

You have a competent partner because

  • our database archiving solution reliably supports all common database versions and systems (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server)
  • CHRONOS can even archive mainframe databases without any problems (e.g. DB2)
Chronos Archive Explorer, Chronos Admin Suite, Chronos Web Designer

Do you want to know how fast our solution for database archiving pays off for you? Our CHRONOS calculator shows you the savings potential you have by using our archiving solution. Make a quick and easy assessment of how CHRONOS can benefit your company. You’ll find the free CHRONOS calculator in our download section.


For more than 10 years, companies have relied on CHRONOS. Slim down your databases for optimum performance! Our experts are happy to give you all the information you need – contact us!