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CHRONOS features

CHRONOS offers the following features:


Search Engine


  • Queries via SQL-92 standard on the archived data
  • Finding archived information possible without any SQL knowledge by use of full-text search and forms search
  • Search results can either be shown directly on the Client or consistently imported into any database
CHRONOS Archive ExplorerThe CHRONOS web interface offers the following options:

  • Custom forms for archive data searches
  • Retrievals and archived databases may be furnished with additional documentation
  • Creation of reports and export of search results
  • Archive data access via a Java application with a type-4 driver with standard implementation
IDEA export
  • Export of archive data in IDEA format for auditors
  • Archiving of CSV data
  • Indexing via the archives
  • Excludes non-relevant data during archive searches based on search query
  • Efficient and higher-performance searches over longer time periods and large archive databases
  • Indexing possible for the entire archive as well as directly in columns
(Re) Import
  • Import of archived data back to a database
  • Review of the database scheme of the import database to prevent errors and make any corrections if necessary
User administration
  • Integrated user administration with a comprehensive authorization concept
E-mail notification
  • Dispatch of e-mails regarding the job status after termination of archiving sessions
  • Monitoring possibility for the jobs that need to be done every day
Update Delete
  • Option for labelling or deleting archived data from database
  • Dynamically combinable configuration options


Find the current CHRONOS product data sheet here in our download section!