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Application Retirement / Decommissioning

Legal requirements are the reason why you haven’t deactivated your old databases yet? You still need your old systems for research? To maintain old applications for these reasons almost always means producing unnecessarily high costs. With our software CHRONOS you can safely shut down your legacy systems and still have access to your data.


Why you should be taking care of your inactive databases


The life cycle of an application is between 3 and 10 years. Corporate data, however, often has to be stored for up to 30 years due to legal reasons. If old systems are not deactivated – e.g. in case of mergers or bankruptcies – unnecessary costs arise. Inactive data is often migrated to new databases, making them less efficient and highly complex from the start. It is also hard to find experts who are able to perform maintenance and support for older technologies. In the worst case you have to take care of application administration yourself. But what to do if there are problems?


Together with you…


  • we calculate the saving potential your company can achieve by retiring old applications
  • we introduce your specialist departments to the retirement process of old systems
  • we create and efficiently implement a concept for the retirement of your legacy systems

How we implement Application Retirement (Decommissioning)


Our database archiving solution CHRONOS is the ideal package for the retirement of your old systems! With our CHRONOS module FlatFile, we have developed a simple solution that can handle even problematic data that can only be made available in CSV files. Get more information on CHRONOS FlatFile here!


Learn more about Application Retirement in our whitepaper: Company mergers & bankruptcies: When application retirement becomes an obligation


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