Daimler Plant Düsseldorf: Quality Sprint for screw joints

Quality Assurance

CAQ Software QS-Torque from CSP GmbH & Co. KG secures screw processes at the Daimler Plant Düsseldorf / Specification of the VDI Guideline 2862 for A and B Categories are met


montage_frontmodul_kleincrThe Daimler Plant Düsseldorf secures screw processes in the Sprinter production with the CAQ Software QS-Torque. The solution from CSP GmbH & Co. KG allows assessing the connection of components reliably. Read More

Easier search and administration of long-term archives

Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Worker Guidance

CHRONOS_CSP_version _4.10CSP GmbH & Co. KG updated its database archiving solution Chronos to latest version 4.10 adding various optimizations


CSP’s solution for database archiving Chronos is now available in its latest version 4.10. With the help of Chronos, companies gain legal security by archiving database contents, control their database growth and reduce costs. The software maker based in Großköllnbach in Lower Bavaria has further improved the software in its latest release, offering easier application for administrators and users. Highlights of the update include an optimized search specifically for the tree structure of the Chronos Archive Explorer with a filter for forms and description pages as well as a status page listing clear information for quick bug fixing for the support. This includes, e.g., the status of the Chronos Server relevant for the web client. Another improvement is the introduction of multi-parameters and parameter groups. In addition, several users can now use the Chronos Web Designer simultaneously without losing any settings. Read More

Audi Neckarsulm: CAQ solution assesses quality checks in assembly

Quality Assurance

QS-Torque-4The QS-Torque software facilitates comprehensive tool and product tests and lowers costs / worldwide manufacturer support: A plant in India is also supported


Großköllnbach, 02 February 2016. Audi employs the QS-Torque solution for tool and product tests at the Neckarsulm site. The CAQ software from CSP GmbH & Co. KG captures measuring data from quality checks during the assembly of the A4, A6, A8 and R8 vehicle types. Not only the requirements of the product liability law as well as numerous standards and guidelines such as VDI/VDE 2862, VDI/VDE 2645 and ISO 6789 can be met. The utilisation of QS-Torque also supports a zero-error strategy in production and helps lower costs at the same time. Read More

CSP still growing business


Wachstums_siegel_Statista_included_snippedCSP GmbH & Co. KG in Großköllnbach is one of the German companies with the biggest growth of turnover and employees. CSP’s outstanding figures won them a spot in this year’s ranking “Growth Champions 2016”. Between 2011 and 2014, the number of employees was more than doubled and turnover with international top customers in the manufacturing, commerce and service industries has increased steadily. News magazine FOCUS together with Statista, one of the largest online statistics portal, honors the fastest-growing companies in Germany with the award “Growth Champion 2016”. In the ranking, CSP scored place 28 of 80 companies in the IT, internet, software and services segment. Across all industries, CSP ranked 225 out of 500 listed companies. Read More

Application Retirement & Compliance: Strategy for the retirement of legacy systems

Database Archiving

Chronos-4Getting rid of IT ballast – transferring legacy data to database archive

Banking institutions and insurance companies are often faced with major challenges when software applications need to be consolidated. Historically grown applications often exist which, in most cases, are custom developments based on mainframe computers. They are often inadequately documented and not only feature numerous interfaces but are also very complex. The operating and development environments have often become outdated over the years and the end of lifecycle has thus been reached. Read More

CSP expands worker guidance IPM PG by a position detection module

Worker Guidance

Exact position of tools in the screw process can be determined with sensors / new quality assurance component for IPM PG corresponds to the Industry 4.0 concept.


Positionserkennung IPM PG im dreidimensionalen Raum 3DGroßköllnbach, 29 July 2015. A module for position detection is now available for the worker guidance IPM PG. It allows confirming in production that a screwing tool is exactly located at the right position where screwing must be performed. Read More

QS-Torque “Audit” supports auditing in production

Quality Assurance

QS-Torque-4CSP GmbH & Co. KG with the Audit software module of its CAQ solution facilitates individual auditing / complete review and partial audits 


To give quality and security equal attention in production has become possible through the QS-Torque module “Audit”. The application from CSP GmbH & Co. KG supports manufacturing companies with the audit of assemblies, products and partial products. The audit results allow quickly detecting and correcting possible quality irregularities. Read More

Database archiving: Chemical companies achieve compliance for process data


Chronos standard solution archives data from databases thereby allowing the traceability of substances and batches


Datenbankarchivierung_Chemie_CSP_softwareThe standard software Chronos solves particularly pressing archiving and compliance challenges in the chemical industry. Especially the high data volume is typical for chemical companies and often poses a problem because of long retention requirements. For example, some batches must be stored up to 35 years to allow tracing the substances used to prevent possible regress claims. Read More

Anton Schlecker drug store chain: Obligation to producing supporting documents are met even after bankruptcy


With the standard solution Chronos for database archiving CSP supports the retirement of seven legacy systems altogether in the framework of insolvency handling.

Schlecker wird bei seiner Unternehmensauflösung von CSP begleitetGroßköllnbach, 02 September 2014. When handling an insolvent company the insolvency administrator’s special focus is especially on the comprehensive obligations to producing supporting documents toward the insolvency court, revenue service and pension fund. Thanks to an efficient database archiving project the information from the company administration of the insolvent drug store chain Schlecker can still be permanently provided in the future for the above entities. Read More