New brand appearance for CSP


CSP Logo

Not only the CSP products are subject to constant change, also CSP itself strives to reinvent itself again and again. With the new guiding principle „EFFICIENCY COMES TRUE“ CSP underlines what makes it so special: Efficiency is never complete. It is CSP’s mission and drive. And that’s exactly what CSP employees live for.

In addition to the new guiding principle, CSP also presents a new logo in which all CSP employees contributed in the design. Employees are the core of success. Every employee had a unique way of handwriting the three CSP letters. Every version was unique although the message stayed the same. Out of all of our employees’ handwritings the new logo was created and this is the result. Read More

CSP under new management


As of 1 April 2019, Alexander Cocev takes over management at CSP. He will be supported by three directors with power of representation rights.


Neue Geschäftsleitung bei CSP


The company CSP with its headquarters in Großköllnbach has shown significant growth in the past years. After the construction of two new office buildings, the opening of another company site in Hannover and EOS Capital Partners joining the company, an additional milestone has now been put in place.

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Searching across archives and mathematical functions: These new features support working with archive data

Chronos, Database Archiving

The database archiving software CHRONOS of CSP GmbH & Co. KG offers two new functions. Searching across archives and mathematical functions make working with data easier and even more efficient


DB Archivierung archiving CHRONOS Archive Explorer CAE


Searching across archives: Parallel searches on different archives


Archived does not automatically mean, that files sink without a trace forever. Sometimes, at some point they are still needed after all. This then means: searching. Read More

Assembly assistance system at HA-BE: Assembling sheets of metal with assistance

Worker Guidance

Like a navigation system, the IT-based assembly assistant guides the workers of HA-BE Gehäusebau GmbH through the processes of metal sheet processing. The application helps to avoid errors and to always be able to trace installed parts. After more than a year of usage of the system, it is very obvious that rework of components needs to be done a lot less frequently.


HA-BE Gehäusebau Montageassistenz


HA-BE Gehäusebau GmbH, located in the Lower Bavarian town of Altheim near Landshut, is specialized in industrial processing of sheets of metal. In order to meet the requirements of the purchasers world-wide, from automation engineering, electrical industries, mechanical and medical engineering, highest possible quality needs to be produced. In order to achieve this goal, the manufacturer has been using the assembly assistance system IPM PG of CSP GmbH & Co. KG for over a year now.

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Third CSP office building


Bau-drittes-Buerogebaeude-CSPMore than 3 years have passed since the opening of the second CSP office building. Since then, the number of employees has almost doubled and soon, the CSP team will count 80 employees. Construction for the third office building is thus already under way. Therefore, more jobs will soon be created in Großköllnbach.

With new investor, CSP is setting course for expansion


A group of investors counseled by the owner-managed investment company EOS Capital Partners (“EOS”) has taken over the majority of the CSP Software Group (“CSP”) from Großköllnbach in Lower Bavaria. Together, they want to further expand CSP’s strong position on the market.


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