Navigation systems for rail vehicle production

Worker Guidance

At Stadler Winterthur, the worker guidance IPM PG by CSP is in use the mobile way in assembly


hf16-49-109_700pxThe rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler Winterthur AG from Switzerland counts on a mobile component in the quality assurance process. The software IPM PG, a solution by CSP GmbH & Co. KG, leads the workers in assembly through individual operating sequences and thus ensures a consistent quality standard. Read More

Maintaining manufacturer independence: Universal software permits company-wide error prevention

Process Data Management, Quality Assurance, Worker Guidance

Lieferant1_ENCSP GmbH & Co. KG advises to only use manufacturer-independent software for tools and machines for process data management. Dependency on individual manufacturers can thus be avoided.


Consistent quality control in production across different tools and stations requires the use of manufacturer-independent software. Read More

IPM PG worker guidance secures assembly processes at Stadler Winterthur AG

Worker Guidance

AWB Stadler Winterthur_Stadler Rail AG_EC250Mobile quality assurance for rail vehicle production
Stadler Rail AG is an internationally operating rail vehicle manufacturer based in Switzerland and brings high-quality trains with maximum precision to the tracks for their customers. The economically best solution is created by employing leading-edge technology. Reliability, quality, adherence to deadlines and partnership are the values the company follows. The IPM PG software is an important element of the quality assurance in Stadler’s production. This solution leads the workers through individual operating sequences and thus ensures a consistent quality standard. Read More

Preventing product liability damages: Reducing risks through preventive measures and process documentation

Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Quality Assurance

Anwalt1_ENHigh costs and reputation damages from production deficiencies can be effectively avoided. Measures such as batch tracking and process monitoring protect against third-party claims.


The combination of preventive measures as well as the documentation and regular analysis of production data helps producing companies protect themselves against product liability claims. Read More