With new investor, CSP is setting course for expansion


A group of investors counseled by the owner-managed investment company EOS Capital Partners (“EOS”) has taken over the majority of the CSP Software Group (“CSP”) from Großköllnbach in Lower Bavaria. Together, they want to further expand CSP’s strong position on the market.


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Continuous database archiving: If archiving jobs are too large for one day

Chronos, Database Archiving

Chronos allows for individual splitting of an archiving day into several archiving packages


CSP GmbH & Co. KG has developed a module for the database archiving software Chronos that makes it possible to split the archiving process of an archiving day. The continuous archiving solution can be acquired as a license expansion and offers the possibility of another archiving mode. This has the advantage that very large archiving data sets can be archived in small time slices.

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Database archiving meets Amazon

Chronos, Database Archiving

Amazon S3 and Chronos V5 now offer perfect interaction for successful archiving


For some time now, a de facto standard has become prevalent in the world of storage systems: Amazon S3. The mail order company Amazon started its storage web service in 2011. The success story of this product is overwhelming. Numerous reputable companies have been counting on S3 ever since and store their data in this highly available cloud solution.

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“Great job”


Mr. P. Glonner, bachelor’s degree candidate at a large automobile manufacturer, thanks us for the good work on his bachelor thesis:

“At this point I would like to thank you, Mr. Cocev, and also Ms. Nothaft. You have made a significant contribution to the success of my bachelor thesis and I would like to stress that here. Working together with CSP has been a lot of fun for me. You really have a great team and your co-workers were always helpful and friendly. Ms. Nothaft helped me out perfectly. Great job.”

Consistent quality control

Quality Assurance

Record torque, torque angle, and different types of measuring points. Manufacturer-independent quality data collection in production: CSP GmbH & Co. KG records fastening processes and further measuring values with their CAQ solution QS-Torque.


Auswertungen mit QS Torque Wahrscheinlichkeitsbild Häufigkeitsbild Einzelwertkarte Prüfgerät

CAQ software QS-Torque as a modular solution supports manufacturers with consistent quality controls from development through production to maintenance. The software reliably inspects processes and tools in production. Read More