QS-Torque module helps to comply with ISO6789-1:2017

Quality Assurance

Module ISO6789 monitors and documents compliance with the ISO standards of its name. Click wrenches and displaying torque wrenches can now also be connected to the Stahlwille Torkmaster test bench for testing functionality and performance.


Eduard Spachtholz


The ISO Norm 6789 regulates the procedure and specifications of torque and click wrench tests. To ensure the quality of tools used in the tightening process, QS-Torque software supports quality managers. Click wrenches and displaying torque wrenches are connected to a test bench and tested for this purpose. For both wrench types, ISO6789-1:2017 defined maximum permitted tolerances. These are displayed in the QS-Torque module ISO6789. Depending on your own operational requirements, the values can also be set tighter, but not higher, than the standard specifies. Test templates can be created individually for this purpose.

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At home in the world for 30 years


30 Jahre CSP Softwarehaus Großköllnbach


With his hardware and software trading business, Hermann Pellkofer laid the foundation three decades ago for a company that is now at home all over the globe. The company has around 100 employees, and all software solutions are programmed exclusively on site in Großköllnbach in Lower Bavaria. “In the region, we have thus become an employer for numerous IT specialists”, explains the current Managing Director Alexander Cocev, who himself did his apprenticeship at CSP GmbH & Co. KG almost twenty years ago.

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AWS Solutions Architect Certification


Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, is becoming practically indispensable for companies that work with the cloud. With over 200 services, it is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world. Our colleague Ben is now certified as a Solutions Architect with AWS.


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Highest level of information security since 2005


Consistently high level of information security confirmed at CSP. TÜV Süd certifies CSP GmbH & Co. KG again according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.




CSP GmbH & Co. KG has been paying special attention to data security for many years. For customers, certification by TÜV Süd Management GmbH means both more security in the phase before software implementation and in the subsequent operation of their IT solution. The software company’s compliance ensures data security and secure data exchange through access-protected storage and the use of share access, in addition to other measures. “From the audit, we again have taken a lot of ideas with us, which we will implement in the next fews months. The audit showed us once again that we are doing many things right,” says Magdalena Petzenhauser, Information Security Officer at CSP.

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Improve production management with new CAQ solution from CSP

Process Data Management

Innovative component tracking with IPM® RCS enables tracking according to ISO 9001 in real time, increases transparency on the shop floor and has a positive effect on the cost structure of manufacturing companies. Automated container tracking introduces itself as another feature.


CSP Software IPM RCS Produktionsmanagement verbessern


If components are integrated, bought in large batches or purchased from different suppliers, processing companies must maintain an overview and ensure traceability. What if there are low-quality batches among the supplies? Of course, this also applies if components suddenly turn out to be defective during the production process, for example due to incorrect assembly or if the FIFO principle has not been observed and parts have been stored for too long. No matter how it happens – if individual parts are defective or damaged, they can affect the functionality and safety of the end product. But what can be done to prevent this from happening in the first place? How to quickly figure out where defective parts are already installed?


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CSP invests in new business location USA


More customer proximity and better response to the needs of the American market: CSP Holding GmbH founds its first North American location in Youngsville on the east coast of the USA.


Claus Buchsteiner Managing Director CSP US Inc. Standort Raleigh Charlotte, North Carolina


The German software manufacturer CSP has been demonstrating its expertise in the market for 30 years and last year in over 500 projects, the majority of them international. A central component of the company’s philosophy is to provide optimal on-site support for customers in meeting the challenges of digitization and automation, as well as to promote quality improvement and cost reduction. A cornerstone of the current realignment of the company is growth in international markets. One of these is now being realized with the American location in Youngsville, North Carolina. The aim is to open up new markets and to position itself even more strongly internationally in the future, but also to efficiently advise and support CSP customers locally. Read More

New member in CSP management


Torsten Wenzel CSP Geschäftsführer


Torsten Wenzel joins the management of CSP GmbH & Co. KG. The growth course and the success story of the software house shall thus be continued. Conquering new markets and convincing customers of the quality assuring and quality supporting products are the main focuses of the company strategy.


Digitalization always means change for business and companies. The dynamism that it creates can promote growth and provide considerable advantages for companies. To offer its customers the best possible service, to further expand products in the field of digitalization and to conquer new markets are some of the major goals of CSP. “We can look back on almost 30 years of success. We would like to continue this success story. In the meantime, we have reached a company size where we need further support also at the management level”, explains Alexander Cocev, Managing Director at CSP. Read More

Did you notice we are working out of office? If no, that’s great!


We are still there for you, but since 2020-03-16 in home office!


Due to the current situation we like to assure you that we at CSP will be there for you in the future and will do our utmost to provide you with the usual and reliable service and support. The health and safety of our employees and customers is at the center of every decision. We have already taken every possible precaution.

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Member in the company network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie” (“Success factor family”)


Easy compatibility of family and career – this has been an essential part of the HR work at CSP GmbH & Co. KG for years. As a new member of the federal company network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie”, the IT company now also profits from the experiences of more than 7,000 members which the network currently has. “Our staff has the possibility to work in so-called home office and to make use of our flexible working hours model. Moreover, we offer up to ten different part-time models in order to support our staff in the compatibility of family and career, but also to facilitate re-entering work life especially for young mothers. We are already working on further measures. In return, we as employers profit from motivated and satisfied employees”, explains Annemarie Stangl, HR officer at CSP.

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How much budget do you save per year with your databases?


Approximately 85% of all existing database contents are inactive. Switching them off or archiving them often sets free a tremendous potential for saving money. What cost-saving effects are possible in your company will now be revealed by the Chronos Potential Calculator.


Chronos Potential Calculator Einsparpotential savings potential DB-ArchivierungIn times of big data, databases in companies often contain amounts of data that are not even remotely comprehensible. In order to utilize storage systems effectively, correct handling of databases that are no longer used is inevitable. Studies show that not even one fifth of all data in databases is actively used; the rest of it is inactive and frequently expands systems unnecessarily.

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