New technology: Monitoring crimping pliers with QS-Torque

Thursday June 10th, 2021Quality Assurance

    CAQ software adds another joining process to its portfolio and ensures more safety and transparency in production. Permanent accessibility of data offers protection in the event of product liability.




    Until now, the field of application of QS-Torque was mainly focused on the area of tightening technology. For machine and process monitoring, the software collects their data and evaluates them automatically. Now the portfolio has been expanded. In addition to the monitoring of fastening and riveting processes, crimping is now also covered.


    Crimping is a joining process that connects two components by plastic deformation, such as crimping or flanging. So far, data from the test bench manufacturers Atlas Copco, Kistler, SCS and Stahlwille have been collected for machine monitoring. In the area of process monitoring, the test equipment manufacturers Atlas Copco, Gedore, GWK, Kistler and SCS can be connected. Rivet nut applicators and rivet guns can also be monitored by the software.


    A new addition are now crimping pliers used to attach O-clamps to hoses, for example in the field of exhaust, high-pressure or airbag systems. Clamping force and clearances are transferred to a monitoring system during crimping operations. The crimping pliers set with nominal values are tested with the Oetiker CAL01 measuring device. The actual values are documented in QS-Torque continuously. This process monitors whether reliably reproducible values are generated. In addition, it contributes to the high quality of the end products and also provides security in the event of liability.