New brand appearance for CSP

Wednesday June 19th, 2019General

    CSP Logo

    Not only the CSP products are subject to constant change, also CSP itself strives to reinvent itself again and again. With the new guiding principle „EFFICIENCY COMES TRUE“ CSP underlines what makes it so special: Efficiency is never complete. It is CSP’s mission and drive. And that’s exactly what CSP employees live for.

    In addition to the new guiding principle, CSP also presents a new logo in which all CSP employees contributed in the design. Employees are the core of success. Every employee had a unique way of handwriting the three CSP letters. Every version was unique although the message stayed the same. Out of all of our employees’ handwritings the new logo was created and this is the result.

    CSP sees itself as a prism: A focal point which concentrates different aspects to make efficiency shine in its purest form. CSP products also reflect the customers’ needs and realize potential on every step of their manufacturing process. CSP is proud of what it has achieved together but even prouder that CSP has the customers’ trust. It is the aim of CSP to keep improving in improving the processes until CSP has achieved what so many of the clients all over the world associate us with: EFFICIENCY COMES TRUE.