Member in the company network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie” (“Success factor family”)

Monday January 20th, 2020General

    Easy compatibility of family and career – this has been an essential part of the HR work at CSP GmbH & Co. KG for years. As a new member of the federal company network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie”, the IT company now also profits from the experiences of more than 7,000 members which the network currently has. “Our staff has the possibility to work in so-called home office and to make use of our flexible working hours model. Moreover, we offer up to ten different part-time models in order to support our staff in the compatibility of family and career, but also to facilitate re-entering work life especially for young mothers. We are already working on further measures. In return, we as employers profit from motivated and satisfied employees”, explains Annemarie Stangl, HR officer at CSP.


    “We are also always happy to get to know the partners of our colleagues at our Christmas and summer parties, where they are invited and welcome. This way, CSP becomes even more family”, adds human resources officer Elke Winter. With the logo “Member in the company network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie” (“Success factor family”), the IT company wishes to demonstrate that compatibility of family and career already plays a large role and will move even more to the center of attention of HR work. “We welcome every company that becomes a part of the network and shares its experiences with others. The network office collects good practical experience and provides it to the member companies in many different ways. This way, each and every company can find its personal tip for everyday company life”, says Kirsten Frohnert, project head of the network office at “Erfolgsfaktor Familie”. The company network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie” was founded in 2007 by the Federal Ministry for Families and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce as a central platform for family-friendly companies. Since then, it has been growing continuously. Very small companies as well as DAX listed companies are represented there. The network office supports mostly small and medium-sized businesses with its offers in every-day realization of family-friendly human resource policy.


    Fotograph: Unternehmensnetzwerk Erfolgsfaktor Familie