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Processes for the production of a product are often very complex. The more comprehensive a production process, the faster errors creep in, often without being noticed. With IPM you keep an eye on your process data. This means that errors no longer stand a chance and your products become the leader in terms of quality!

Don’t give errors a chance

  • IPM alerts in case of discrepancies in real time via e-mail
  • Immediate intervention sustainably improves the quality of the products
  • Protection against image damage or product retrievals
  • Collection of all process data, such as torque in a life circle file
  • IPM offers integrated archiving.
  • Applicable to processes such as welding, bonding, filling, forming, testing…

In short

Advantages of IPM

Time saving and minimizing errors through automated data recording and notifications

IPM as total package: From the acquisition of production data to integrated archiving

Safeguarding within the meaning of the Product Liability Act thanks to meaningful key figures

No installation effort: Evaluation and analysis of the recorded data are done via the intranet

Process control through data access in real time

Constant and reliable quality control of the production processes

Avoidance of product recalls, since faulty products are spotted early on.

Cost savings through manufacturer independence (connection of new manufacturers/data suppliers)

No thanks to errors?

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