Implementing e-mobility independently of manufacturers

Tuesday June 29th, 2021General

    Rapid market changes demand increasing flexibility in the automotive sector. A study shows what impact new drive concepts will have on OEMs and suppliers by 2035.




    Millions of process data are generated every day in the production of electric vehicles. The market is changing rapidly, flexibility is becoming essential. The continuous monitoring, evaluation and documentation of production data is thus becoming an important pillar in the production strategy. A manufacturer-independent system also makes it much easier for companies to handle process data.


    A study by the German Aerospace Center – Institute of Vehicle Concepts recently showed how the new drive concepts will affect the production of vehicle components in the coming years. In terms of production up to 2035, for example, there will be many new requirements, especially in the areas of electronic drive units, battery systems for drives, power electronics, charging systems in vehicles and fuel cell systems. To achieve these goals production must be upgraded today so that we can react as flexible as possible. Responsible parties should regularly check their production processes in real time, for instance, in order to counteract production errors. Or accompany the product lifecycle from end to end and provide a uniform database in development and design for their digital twins.


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