High-performance archive search: Database archiving software gains significant speed

    Performance Package One now makes searching the Chronos archive up to 50 times faster. The feature is available as of Chronos version 5.3.0.




    Especially when large amounts of data are searched in the Chronos archive, this could sometimes take a long time in the past – depending on hardware and network. A continuously increasing volume of data in the archive also reduced performance when searching for data.


    However, in the case of product recalls, plausibility checks or audits, for example, things have to move fast when it comes to archive searches. Therefore, good news for all users who need a quick archive search: Chronos Performance Package One now ensures a significantly faster data search in the archive. The feature is licensable as of release 5.3.0. IPM users should also be pleased with this development: The Chronos extension is compatible with the process data management system as of version 6.4.6.




    When searching the archive, an index first determines a very small index interval in which to search. This is then searched in bundles. Performance Package One now enables a cross-column approach that significantly speeds up the search. “Several customers from the automotive industry are already using Performance Package One and are extremely satisfied. For example, if they need to track large amounts of data from a product lifecycle, this feature is particularly useful. In such a case, an archive search now takes only 12 seconds instead of nearly 10 minutes. This increases search performance by a factor of 50,” reports Korbinian Hermann, Head of Research and Development at CSP.


    Do you also need higher performance for your archive search? Our team of experts will be happy to consult you at sales@csp-sw.de or 09953/30060.