Feedback requested: Release Candidate OPC40451-1 ready for launch

    Working group for joining technologies presents OPC UA Companion Specification. The aim of the cooperation is to maintain manufacturer independence in terms of machines, tools and bolting systems. Their unified, fast and cost-effective connection and the reduction of integration complexity in industrial automation are amongst others the focus topics.


    OPCUA_VDMA_Release Candidate CSP


    Bolting systems consist of numerous components that can now be modeled in a standardized way: Controllers, tools, storage devices, sensors, cables or even batteries, for example. Application areas are IT asset management, condition monitoring, result management and event management.


    The German Engineering Federation, VDMA, recently conducted a study on interoperability in mechanical engineering among more than 600 companies in its sector. The results show that the goal of interoperable interfaces such as OPC UA must be to map production systems universally.

    Industry 4.0 thus means that every participant in the entire communication network can send and receive data without any problems. For more than half of the respondents for whom interoperable interfaces are relevant, such interfaces have “high to very high importance”. Visions such as “Plug and Produce” play just as big a role for the participants. The goals of such interfaces are primarily production monitoring and control, condition monitoring and the provision of process information. Cost savings are also possible due to reduced integration and development efforts (source: IEE – Industry Engineering Efficiency, 06/2021).


    The “Interoperability Standard” for automation applications, OPC UA, has been revised in recent months by a specially formed working group at VDMA. The new model for OPC UA IJT is intended to enable automated processing of data from assembly processes.


    Now the work of the VDMA initiative “OPC UA IJT” has been successfully completed. The result of several months of cooperation is the Unified Architecture Companion Specification OPC40451-1 for bolting systems. This is currently going through the publication process of the international OPC Foundation. This started a 90-day review and approval process. The target release date is August 30, 2021.


    As a software and digitization member of the VDMA and part of the Robotics and Automation Working Group, CSP GmbH & Co. KG is involved in this development. After certification by the OPC Foundation, the new standard will also be implemented in the corresponding software solutions. For feedback on the draft OPC40451-1, CSP is available to customers at info@csp-sw.de until the release date in late August.


    Interested parties can gain insight into the OPC40451-1 review process here.